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Nice Blog thingies

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I luuvv blogging!
Now I finally have some use for browsing the web endlessly...put it all on this blog! Yeah I know maybe not that interesting to you...but hey I surf the web all the time and see all those amazing sites and stupid stuff, I just have to share it with someone...even if it's only with this blog and myself ;-)
Today I found a couple of nice applications of some sort which have something to do with blogs...

Ha! Nice... find out if you are part of the blog-linking universe. Has anyone linked to your site? How popular is your blog? Okay sometimes it is not that great for your self-esteem (as you can see :'( Ouch!) but just the fact that they thought of something like that! I like it... Technorati: Link Cosmos

Another one:
add to your blog's template some coordinates and have your blog added to the 'World as a blog' - map. On this page you can see a world map with markings/dots and every marking is a blog that has just been updated :D Ain't that cool or what?!

Well, that's all for now... If I find more stuff like this I will put it up here :)

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