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Doug Engelbart 1968 Demo

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Want to see the debut of the computer mouse, a device most of us are all accustomed to and never think about twice? Then you have to watch Doug Engelbart 1968 Demo, a public demonstration of the online system NLS, by Douglas Engelbart or 'the father of the mouse'. The 90-minute video has been cut into pieces and put online into 35 segments of realvideo streaming clips. The video has a lot to offer especially when you're interested in a bit of history of human computer interaction, the computer as 'a responsive workstation' and want to see it 'live' on your screen. Or when you want a 'first hand' demonstration of hypermedia, multiple windows, networked computer systems etc by the 'Master' himself.

They used onscreen video teleconferencing to show the whole thing and I have to say.. it went better than it does nowadays most of the time

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