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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I finally made a pixel-avatar-like thingy!!At first I tried to make changes onto an existing pixel avatar from someone else but that didn't work out well so I decided to start from scratch in paint (yes Paint, that standard desk accessory program). When I couldn't get more out of Paint, I used Photoshop Elements to adjust a couple of things. It was a lot of work, especially since it was done on a laptop and its touchpad (and I wanted to go to bed early this time....*oops*) and it is still not like I envisioned it. The colors are not quite right, there are almost no shadows, something is missing in the hair, the background is not transparent and I would like it to fit more into the blog. But I want to change the layout and the colors of the blog anyway, so I'll take care of the latter later. Overall I am quite happy with how it turned out :) You can see the avatar on the right side of this blog (as if you hadn't noticed already...) Any comments? would like to hear them :)

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