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bike your way out

Sunday, May 16, 2004

You can now race any PS2 racegame with a bike by using the Game bike. No more lazy sitting on the couch... got to make those legs do a bit of the work so use those pedals!
(via gizmodo)

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 20/5/04 18:37 |  

    hi im anonymous the flying otter

    erm . . . . never commented before, thats why im anon

    just lookin at your profile cos i searched for plaid, and erm . . . wow, cant believe someone actually likes plaid, aphex, and squarepusher and all them. thats like my whole life, based around warp music, i looked at your blog briefly, and i think i saw iPod or iTunes somewhere, Like wow! we must be cosmically linked lol, no jus kiddin . . .

    anyways, never mind, im regretting this already, id better just hit publish...

    the big coward,

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 21/5/04 00:22 |  

    hey thx for commenting! I know what you're going through, I usually don't do commenting eiter :) (but handy, huh, these profiles?)
    Anyway yes I do like Plaid and all others from the Warp lable very very much, their music is just fabulous, and I'm not the only one (must be... cos they seem to sell their music and have some sort of income ;)) I even went to a concert of the warp label just a couple of months ago, was really awesome!
    - cyberzel

  3. Blogger mrlemonjelly | 22/5/04 00:42 |  

    im me now :)

    erm . . . hate to do it again, feels so wrong yet it feels so right :P

    was it in liverpool? with the orchestra ppl . . .?

  4. Anonymous Anonymous | 23/5/04 16:37 |  

    hmm no it was not in Liverpool, and unfortunately not with an orchestra either, that would have been even cooler, but happy i've seen them anyway :)

  5. Blogger mrlemonjelly | 23/5/04 23:00 |  

    ok then . . . never mind

    tee hee hee they had squarepusher :)

    but anyways, now im gonna stop botherin you

  6. Anonymous Anonymous | 24/5/04 17:24 |  

    not bothering me at all :), nice to have comments and ongoing conversation on things I love.
    You went to the concert in Liverpool? Squarepusher would love to see them sometime!

  7. Blogger mrlemonjelly | 26/5/04 17:29 |  

    glad to hear it . . .

    twas like these orchestra ppl playin all warp music an stuff. erm ... they had SP and chris clark too and someone else who i dont know lol and in the interval they played Black Dog videos

    I bought like loadsa CDs there too, and a really cool Aphex Twin T-Shirt :)

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