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E3 press updates- day before days

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

OMG it has finally arrived... E3 is showing us the goods...
too much input! Lot's of info to digest... aargh. So where do I start?

Finally some (real) pics of the most anticipated gadgets in the gaming world (at least by me): Sony's PSP and Nintendo DS. The PSP looks a lot like the concept pics that were flowing around on the internet. But looking good! Sony has also announced the first PSP accessories which you can find here.
The Nintendo DS looks not exactly like the gamingworld pictured it but more like old-school multiscreen Game&Watches, that's at least what I get from the pictures. Can't wait to put my hands on both of the handhelds! (maybe I should get myself some sponsors, so I can actually buy those gadgets...Anyone?)

Sony PSP

Nintendo DS (still a prototype, via Gizmodo)

And then there is Zelda! Nintendo has released a movie of Zelda and screens (see also here) and it looks just stunning, freaking awesome (sorry, I can't put it in other words right now). They go for the more realistic look, away with cell-shaded. Yaay!

The Legend of Zelda

oh so much more...but...have to...stop...

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  1. Blogger eva | 21/5/04 00:43 |  

    since we're on the topic of console design...if you're tired of yer old sappy SP, why not buy a new one? Nintendo released a bad-ass edition this april: tribal style! oh yes, with the curls and the swirls and black ink and everything.
    a handheld with an attidtude.
    check the nintendo site for cewl visuals (the print is even between the buttons, would you believe)!
    so what's next: an Xbox with a drinking problem? ;)

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 23/5/04 16:33 |  

    hehe, hmm i'm not really tired of my old sp, just hoping it will hold a little bit longer (with all my thorough using of it), and I have to save some money for all these new cool looking tech stuff :) and still waiting for a moneybox on my doorstep so I can buy Sudeki, Fable and other games i'm eagerly awaiting... (oh and books, and dvd's and so forth..)

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