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next-gen Nintendo

Friday, May 21, 2004

E3 isn't even over for a week, all those cool new DS, PSP and new games haven't even sunk in yet and already there is something new to lose my head over... Engadget has a posting on the next generation of Nintendo's consoles: the Game Boy Evolution and the GameCube Next. The next-gen Game Boy supposedly ditches the cartridges to make room for mini-discs, it should have DC quality like graphics and of course bluetooth.
The Gamecube Next has two different sets of specs for Nintendo hasn't decided on which to use, but it seems it will have a HD built in.
I think I should win the lottery or something, or maybe find myself a really good job, will I be able to pay for all this stuff (got to have it... being a freaky gamecollector (and not afraid to say so) and all)

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