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Thursday, June 10, 2004

grumble... I hate this time of the year... My nose is running, itchy, stuffy, have to sneeze all the time, my eyes are itching too... oh yeah, woohoo it's hay fever time! How happy I am. On top of that I always suffer from asthmatic bronchitis when all those grass pollen are happily dancing around in the air. But the sneezing and the running nose are really the 'pain in the ass'. You would think living in the centre of a rather big city, those pollen would stay away (read: die of pollution)...but noooo, also, you would think that staying inside would help lessen the symptoms...but negative, I still get to sneeze all the time, so now I have a sore Rudolph nose (if it was winter, I could help Santa out)...

But actually, the seasonal allergy is not the main reason why I am sitting behind my computer right now, sharing my 'happy' thoughts with you after only four hours of sleep (while I counted on nine), nope that's not why I am here. It's because it's warm outside which cause windows to be open all the time which inevitably leads to freaking mosquito's invading my house, and that my dear readers, is the real nuisance. They seem to have a taste for my blood, those freaky little vampires...So here I am mosquito bites all over (hmm wonder where my skin is..) not knowing if I should go outside/stay inside, close windows/ open windows, lights on/ lights off (I did want to read) and if I should invest energy in getting out my mosquito squasher (read: old newspaper or whatever is nearby) and search for the little pests. The latter is 99.999999% of the time a waste of time anyway, because these nudnick's have a way to disappear whenever you turn on the lights or even try to turn your eyes on them. So I probably have to wait for autumn to have a good night sleep again. Oh yes I sure do like this time of the year...

*smash* Yes!! I got the little hindrance! It just tried to bore her little sting in to my skin and bam, my hands crushed all the life (and some of my vital fluid) out of her. One hurray for me!
If you have not any of these little bores nearby, but want to share in the euphoria of splatting these annoyances: go to the following website I found on the web: squash! (let them be for a while, bigger and bigger, it will be more fulfilling that way :D)

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 15/6/04 12:56 |  

    aww, you poor thing, i hope you're feeling better?

    - b.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 17/6/04 14:44 |  

    hmm I'm okay but with its ups and downs... mosquitos bug me a little less, but the sneezing is still going on... *sniffle*

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