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Takagism 2!

Friday, June 11, 2004

weeee! the 'sequel' of the flashgame the Crimson Room which I talked about earlier on this blog has arrived (a while already so it seems)! Just escaped from the room, and put my name on the 'Escapers'list, nice! This time it is called the 'Viridian Room' and just as with the Crimson Room it's a combination of click-work and puzzling to find 'the solution' and your way out of the room. A simple room but fun! Looking forward to the next room :)

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 15/6/04 13:14 |  

    ow no, i still haven't manage to get out of the first one yet. and i suppose this one's even harder? arrgh i shouldn't even be attempting this at all! must...write...my thesis...
    then again, if that is the case why am i here, reading you blog? uh-oh *busted* :S

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 15/6/04 13:14 |  

    ow, of course that was me again :-)

    - b.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 19/3/05 19:32 |  


  4. Anonymous Ruth | 24/3/05 18:46 |  

    My god u people if u need help email me at ruthconnor405@hotmail.com cos i hav completed crimson room, viridian room, blue chamber, yellow chamber, white room and a few more soooooo if u need help com 2 me! :-) hope 2 here from u soon:-) (i also hav msn messenger!)

  5. Anonymous cyberzel | 24/3/05 19:57 |  

    Ok nice of you to let people know here, Ruth...

    What is with those rooms all of a sudden, by the way? Posted all of this ages ago. Revival of the rooms?

  6. Anonymous Anonymous | 27/4/05 16:58 |  

    code for crimson room is 1994.

  7. Anonymous Anonymous | 13/5/05 07:34 |  

    why is it 1994? i looked for HMV (from the window) dates, opened in japan in another year, and cd release dates (empty case) and couldnt find any reference to 1994... why??? lol.

  8. Anonymous Anonymous | 16/4/06 03:06 |  

    It is the date on the website. When you get the piece of paper with a URL on it, if you go to that website it gives the date 1994 :)

  9. Blogger dayanand | 22/9/07 13:08 |  

    i came out of it with out putting any number ...actually it is not the number that is required... that is what i think so.

  10. Anonymous Anonymous | 22/9/07 13:10 |  

    it is not the number ... i got oout of it with out any number,..

  11. Blogger deepali | 31/1/08 14:16 |  

    i have completed crimson Room. it is really nice

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