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DiGRA Conference

Thursday, June 17, 2004

The DiGRA has announced their next (second)game conference. It will take place from June 17 to June 20, 2005 in Vancouver, British Columbia. The 2005 conference is titled 'Changing Views: Worlds in Play'.

From their newsletter:
'The event will bring together the digital games research communities from around the world as well as keynote speakers from Europe, America and Asia and looks set to be the largest academic digital games research conference ever held in North America.

The 2005 conference is the second in the series of world conferences, designed to facilitate dissemination of information from the increasing multidisciplinary research, both theoretical and practical, on digital games, game playing and players, game design, user communities, cultures and contexts.'

More information and the newsletter will soon follow on the DiGRA website and the gamesconference website (which means our beautiful Level Up site will disappear somewhere into the archives... :()

The conference will be exactly a year from now... Time to save some money ;) Don't know what I will be doing around that time (work?) but sure would like to go to the conference (and see Vancouver of course) and really attend some lectures for a change. Would also like to meet all the people I'm linking to, fair chance they will be there... (I could of course go write a paper and try get it accepted....)

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 19/6/04 15:19 |  

    tells us the shows name!!!!!!

    ooo the tension

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 20/6/04 14:05 |  

    cyberzel wrote:
    "I could of course go write a paper and try get it accepted...."

    i bet your thesis would make a great submission, think about it! & good luck :)

    - b.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 22/6/04 11:53 |  

    :) thx for the confidence b.!

  4. Anonymous Anonymous | 23/6/04 12:44 |  

    you're very welcome :-)


  5. Anonymous Anonymous | 24/6/04 21:56 |  

    god your evil, i wanna know the name!

  6. Anonymous Anonymous | 24/6/04 22:00 |  

    now i feel dumb . . . ive been commentin on the wrong post!
    lolz im so glad this is anonymous

    anyway . . . sport billy, cant say i know it

  7. Anonymous Anonymous | 27/6/04 23:17 |  

    anonymous wrote:
    "god your evil, i wanna know the name!"

    hehe devilish little me had put the answer right there where you wouldn't look ;)
    haha don't mind commenting the wrong post, glad you commented anyhow *grin*
    Yep but Sport Billy sure was fun back in my days :)

  8. Anonymous Anonymous | 5/7/04 20:44 |  

    Hope you'll get invited!! What will you write on?

    Vancouver is a little bit far far away imho...

    (dave from Gamespace.nl stupid inlogthingies)...

  9. Anonymous Anonymous | 5/7/04 22:44 |  

    Hey D! nice to see you here. yeah, those comments from Blogger, not totally satisfied with it, but can probably keep 'em longer than Haloscan (which archived for only 4 months, free account).
    Anyway, what will I write about? good question, my thesis has something to do with physical interaction and video games (DDR and the likes), so maybe I can write a shorter version for the DiGRA conference, dunno, have to see. Vancouver sounds great to me, although a bit far from here indeed.
    - C.

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