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New Bag

Sunday, July 04, 2004

wooo I couldn't help myself.... but when browsing around a shop, I noticed a bag which seemed to be made just for me, exactly the right colour combination and perfect dimensions (needed something to carry A4 formatted things in). I really had to have the bag, couldn't sleep. It took me a week though, to really convince myself (well and a little help from my friends) that I needed that specific bag (I could have gone for a cheaper and less cooler model of course). So I finally bought the bag, can't buy anything for a while now, but hey sacrifices have to be made...

So here it is:

Those Freitag bags are really, really cool. They're made of truck tarpaulins, car seatbelts and bicycle innertubes. Every product is thus unique. And although those bags haven't really conquered the streets around here (you do get to see more and more of them lately), the company is well known in Europe and the bags are all over Europe and supposedly are very trendy. The two Freitag brothers who came up with the idea, are based in Zurich, Switzerland and have flagship stores in Switzerland and Germany. They also created a top-notch and hip website, which gives customers the opportunity to customize their own bags from shown tarpaulins and where a preview of the final product is shown. For a better analysis go to the brandchannel. But you should go visit the Freitag site itself.

Anyway I'm very happy with my bag, finally I can take my thesis stuff with me in a cool bag, instead of that dull backpack...

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 8/7/04 21:41 |  

    Ooh, it looks nice 'n spacious! do i smell room for you to bring *even* more books ;-)


  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 20/7/04 00:25 |  

    yes indeed. more books, more books!! Thing is, once you have a bigger bag, the more you tend to take with you. I can feel my shoulders already ;) But still very happy with the bag!
    - C.

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