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Why you shouldn't buy 'Catwoman'

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Yes, Catwoman. I like comics, I really do. I like movies too. I like games too. But really...when they try to make a comic into a movie into a game...something goes wrong, terribly wrong. It's probably a curse, an unfortunate one. And EA did it again. I've seen several reviews of Catwoman and it seems they compete with each other on how to be the most funniest one to read on one of the most crappiest game ever. I liked this one:
Catwoman Review

(and yes, for some reason I had a copy of this 'game', hadn't bought it, don't worry. But threw it into a corner after playing it for five minutes. It really is crappy *eyes popping out*. Lousy controls and even lousier camera...*sigh*)

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