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case coffins?

Saturday, August 14, 2004

oh yes, I did make a bold statement the other day about casemods, didn't I? Away with all the casemods I said. But that was before I visited a site of my blogroll: Wonderland. Alice has pictures up of some casemods from Quakecon. And there are some freaky mods. I totally love the award winner. Have a look!

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 15/8/04 09:26 |  

    eek! that *is* pretty freaky! unless of course they're multi-purpose & can serve as an actual coffin as well, which would mean that when we pass away we can take our beloved consoles with us & keep on gaming all the way into the sweet hereafter :-P
    for my livingroom, i think i'd rather have the Haro though...


  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 16/8/04 03:37 |  

    I think it's a bit too small for you (or me) to fit in. :p But you're right, rather have a Haro for my living room... for my future uber gameroom though...

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 18/8/04 22:49 |  

    A case-mod I would die for....

    Wrote a piece on Quakecon will post it soon on Ownage.


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