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SoT & SoT

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Bought Terry Goodkind's Stone of Tears last week together with the first manga of Hikaru no Go and the latest Edge. While I was actually reading Jordan's book seven of the Wheel of Time series... I started with Stone of Tears and couldn't put it down. So in less than a week I read the nearly 1000 pages of SoT and it was wonderful. And while it has many similarities with Wheel of Time series, I feel Goodkind has built the tension somewhat better. Details but not so many as WoT. But maybe I favour Goodkind over Jordan right now because of where i am in both of the series. Can't remember book two of WoT very well. Anyway I really enjoyed reading SoT and now I should really focus on some more important business... thesis that is... sniffle.

Oh forgot to mention! I also finished PoP: Sands of Time yesterday. And finishing a game is something I rarely do. So one cheer for me! In hours the game didn't took me that long, but spread it over a couple of months, glad I finally had the courage to finish it! Hey, you think maybe finishing two things is a sign? For other stuff I still have to do? I'm on it right now! (Am I babbling? - yes...)

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  1. Blogger Sarah | 22/8/04 20:01 |  

    Maybe I'll go read that series too, it's a good time to start reading some fantasy if you're a bit tense about real-life stuff I always think ;-)
    As it happens I played PoP yesterday it a friends house, and I really liked it, although I heard that the fighting scenes become more annoying later in the game (because of the camera). What did you think of it?

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 22/8/04 20:57 |  

    Hey S. Yeah you can borrow Goodkind if you want, I have the first two books and no space on my bookshelf...so... :D
    I liked PoP very much, yes the fights can become tedious and I was sometimes frustrated by the spawning enemies, but the whole game in itself is worth your while so you should definitely play it!
    - C.

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