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Guitar Hero?

Monday, March 10, 2008

This is great, people really have a nick for doing unexpected things with given technology. In the next youtube movie (from CNET) a couple of guys took some codes, laptops and guitar hero controllers and turned it all into a device that can be used to make music or synthesized sounds. The movie explains it all:

Ever seen a pizza slice play Guitar Hero? Now you will! This slice even has a double-neck guitar!

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  1. Blogger Hana | 12/4/08 05:05 |  

    If your anything like me, then I'm sure you'd like this...I haven't got Guitar Hero at home yet, so i went online and looked for an online version kind-of along the same lines as FFR (flash flash revolution). I wasn't able to find much, but check out this one game. You turn the keyboard around to really rock out. http://www.molsoncanadian.ca/coldshots/ampedup.php?


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