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Thursday, January 17, 2008

To be honest, I never heard of these Paternosters, until I saw this vid, the comments on it all focus on the dangerous looking elevators. And they really -do- look dangerous! People stepped in and out cabinets that moved up and downward without stopping. Of course I was curious what they are and where I can find them to try it out myself. Apparently those elevators are called Paternoster, and are supposedly not any more dangerous than a normal evelator.... uhuh. I hope they keep childeren far away from it. Anyways on Youtube you can find quite a few clips on Paternosters. One such Paternoster can be found in Leicester University. See clip below!

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 18/1/08 20:55 |  

    I think those are cool and don't seem any more dangerous than an escalator. However, they don't seem very handicap accessible. Not only do they look like they wouldn't work for people in wheelchairs but also for people who frail but can still walk.

  2. Anonymous Z. | 23/1/08 22:11 |  

    There is a reason I want to try them out. Seems like a cool way to travel to the top of a building and down again. :D
    And seeing how relatively'fast' it goes without a pause, I would not recommend it to less able people indeed.

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