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Games as lifestyle

Monday, January 14, 2008

Interesting quote which is related to a short note about the whole affair with Jeff Gerstmann, a Gamespot game editor that supposedly got sacked for writing a negative review about that one game, all of the gamesindustry got buzzing about it (see Penny Arcade Comic also) :

If you pick up your average lifestyle magazine you'll note that nobody is hauling Karl Lagerfeld over hot coals because his latest line of pantsuits shipped late. Nobody is saying that L'Oreal's new face cream "sucks rhino balls." Instead you have content that is all about getting people in the targeted lifestyle excited about upcoming products they might want to buy.

This quote in itself has nothing to do with that Gerstmann affair but made me think somewhat. Indeed games are picked up as a lifestyle nowadays (which the writer of the article links to the announcement of Steve Colvin becoming the executive vice president at Gamespot, who was himself a former president of the publisher that publishes Maxim and other lifestyle magazines) but doesn't share its traits with other lifestyle magazines. Game magazines and websites are among other things, all about giving proper credits to the games that deserve it and bash the ones that don't, or... erm critically analyze games and review them to give the reader and gamer an indication of what the games are about and if they are worth their dimes... or so it should be.

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