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Amazing Beatbox Harmony in Subway

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I love to watch Beatbox vids, as it is amazing to see and hear what the human voice is capable of. Everyonce in a while I go through these stages that I watch a whole lot of them. Today I stumbled upon the brilliant one you can watch below. In the Paris subway a group of people suddenly burst out singing and beatboxing. And what a superb job they do!

Obviously I had to find out who they were and turns out they are a group called Naturally Seven that's touring the world. They also got some cds but to be honest their own music is not really my taste, but I guess it's all about live performance for them. Luckily there are loads of youtube and other vids out there which shows their amazing talent. Anyhow love that they started singing in the subway and blew the passengers away with an amazing show. Please note the passengers around them. It's interesting to see how they all have different reactions to it. The guy that is next to the leadsinger looks actually almost annoyed at the performance and an older woman joins in with the singing at the end. Great stuff!

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