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Elspa equivalent

Friday, January 25, 2008

Was looking for some numbers and figures about the gamesindustry, more specifically the general number of game (software) releases in 2007. Haven't found any real numbers on it, wonder if those stats are available and if I'm just googling with the wrong terms.

According to ELSPA, NPD and ESA the industry faced a staggering growth in sales last year (2007) which is great of course. As many people as possible should enjoy games. Anyhow, I came across several different organisations/associations that keep themselves busy with market research and other business- and consumer research on the interactive entertainment industry. Found one for the UK and one for the US, so.. where is the Dutch one? Of course we aren't that big yet, but some nice initiatives, universities/educational institutes and small companies are trying to give a face to the Dutch games industry, so gief numbers! And one place where I could address all my questions to.

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