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Wiiii pricing

Friday, September 15, 2006

Thank you Eurogamer.net for updating so promptly, without even pressing F5/ refresh, we knew what was going on at the Nintendo conference almost to the second Iwata was telling it. I felt like being there...


Nintendo Wii: Europe launch : 8 December (1 year and 6 days after Xbox 360 launch)
€ 249, -
White Bundle, One Wiimote, one Nunchuck, Wii Sports

And yes!! Zelda Twilight Princess is a launchtitle!

Can't wait!
Nothing bout the new console though. *sighs* Ninty!!


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  1. Blogger Minh Nguyen | 19/9/06 20:46 |  

    I'm stoked to shit to get some hands-on experience. Not too certain of the price though, which I suspect to be a tad high to persuade non-gamers to upgrade to casual gamers. A majority of the consumers refrain from picking up an iPod opposed to its market competitors due to the price/value ratio ("€149 for 2gig nano!?" is a common argument).

    Still, the early adopters will no doubt mainly comprise of gamers of all sorts (hardcore, casual, fanboys etc) so Nintendo's strategy could be to establish a solid userbase before heading off to the mainstream, as things went with the DS. And they probably figured they might as well make a profit out of it to retain status quo with their philosophy and investors.

    So here's to an early price drop and let the word of mouth take care of the rest.

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