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Nintendo conference going

Friday, September 15, 2006

Following the live report from Eurogamer.net now.. So exciting!!

But what...

"In the very near future we'll be launching another console that will go even further in making games accessible and fun for everyone."

*gasps* waits....

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  1. Blogger Minh Nguyen | 17/9/06 08:35 |  

    I don't see the tactical advantage of PR-spin releasing information on next-next-gen consoles. Sony has also expressed their visions on the PlayStation4 numerous times already. It's kinda like releasing a teaser trailer for Spider-Man 4 when the second sequel should still hit the pictures.

    Although I don't believe it will matter much in Nintendo's case, most consumers buy Sony's hardware on or just shortly after launch based on hype. If that hype is shifted even a generation further, not as many people will be dishing out the $600 at launch. But in Sony's defense, it probably won't make a difference with the small amount of hardware available at launch.

    Just my € 0,02

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