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Too warm

Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's boiling out here... too warm to move, to play guitar hero, to play WoW...to do anything really. The best place I can think of being right now is the supermarket which has airco... it's sad. Luckily this heat will only go on about a week or something...The joy!

Not much to write either, nothing except for going to London for a few days next weekend. I'm looking forward to it! Oh and I think my partner and I just bought a new house, so this summer will be a lot of quarreling about what furniture goes where, and even what furniture to buy. It's going to be fun!

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  1. Anonymous b | 27/7/06 13:33 |  

    Waaaaaaah, you did it? You bought the house! Cool...I'm very curious. Can you sent me some pics please? And when are you actually planning to move into the new place?

    And..uhm...London!? What on earth are you going to do over there!? :-P

  2. Anonymous cyberzel | 28/7/06 13:22 |  

    Hehe well yes, more or less... we only need to send in the taxation reports and then we will receive the key August 30.
    Finally going to live a tiny bit bigger, maybe there is even room for a proper desk! And maybe... just maybe for a display case to exhibit all my vinyl toys and cool game related stuff ;)

    London? Why, I wouldn't know! Really looking forward to seeing you again! Yaay!

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