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Machinima again

Saturday, May 20, 2006

I was teaching a class last Friday and I had some machinima woven into it, which reminded me again what a great development it is. People really come up with some great stories and edited pieces of work. It got me thinking that I should keep myself updated. So from now on I will try to put a link to a machinima piece I've watched, on here regularly, say once a week. Not too much hassle by putting a whole story to go with it, just a link and maybe more. Maybe that will be broadening my horizon again from World of Warcraft to another world.

I will kick off right now, first with some old favourites of mine:

Dance, Voldo, Dance
The Return

More to see on: Machinima.com

The one I've seen today:
Strangerhood ep 14: Nikki's Alias
Some great stuff in there, comical, blurring, flashbacks and crossmedia all done with Sims 2.

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