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Moleskine notebooks

Sunday, April 23, 2006

When on that shopping spree in the bookstore I stumbled upon a section with several kinds of notebooks. And of course.. I have a thing for beautiful designed notebooks... I knew I should at least buy one. I had a hard time deciding which one, so there I was holding several books in my hand, my shoulders getting tired and walking around like crazy trying to come to a decision which notebook was just the one for me. So I bought three... and if I hadn't had those shopping spree books in my hands, knowing that my wallet would be pretty much empty after actually buying those... I would have bought more.

So now I have this beautiful Japanese like notebook and I finally got myself one of those Moleskines. And I love it! It's not easy deciding which Moleskine notebook you should pick. They have so many and all of them are well-designed. I finally picked the most basic one... the Ruled Notebook. I was so happy! When I came home however the next issue with beautiful notebooks came up... what am I going to use it for....? There is this pure and untouched notebook in its full glory, nice and soft skin around it and I should write in that with my untrained writing fingers? I know I will make a mess of it... After looking at it for a week, bringing the notebook with me everywhere... I made up my mind. I would use it. Now I am the proud owner of a Moleskine notebook and I even dare to write in it. Isn't it wonderful?

When I told my boyfriend of the beauty of this moleskine notebooks and even convinced him to buy one of his own, I went looking for something on the web and by pure accident came across the Ninth Wave Designs website. It sells Moleskines and supplies like traveler cases. It also has some beautiful artwork on it, amongst other things an ongoing project called Alchemy Notebook in which she uses the Moleskine sketchbook to create wonderful images. The eerie thing about arriving at something I was just talking about, is that I stumbled upon this website through another interest of mine namely women and games. It turns out that the owner of the site is a woman who plays games and even made a blog about it. It's just...

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  1. Anonymous b | 25/4/06 10:35 |  

    hmmm yeah, i love those moleskins too! a friend of mine has the diary which is just soooo wonderful...i've been looking all over for it, but round here it seems to be all sold out :-(
    perhaps i can find it on one of those websites. i'll have a wee look later, but first it's back to work for me.
    buh-bye & take care :-)

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