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Friday the 13th, iphone business!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Wow... I've seen the iPhone in person, even held it in my hands and fiddled around with it a while! It's truly a great gadget. You want to slide away all day with something like that. Don't know about the phonefunction as it's not working in Europe yet. Of course I went to have a look for all of the other functions. Unfortunately no wireless access point in the neighbourhood so no trying out of the internet and all other online functions. Still from what I could use and see the device is worth every penny. The zoom in/out function is amazing, really intuitive, makes you want to use it for everything.

After finally doing some updates on my third gen iPod, I was curious about the iPod function on the phone. From what I heard the sound without headphones is not really something you want to listen to. The interface in horizontal way is perfect, you can use Cover Flow (like in iTunes) to slide through all of the albums you have on there which is as intuitive as it is an ultimate cool way to go through your albums/songs.

To be able to turn around your phone and the screen is turning with it, that's a simple idea but really great looking. It gives the user the opportunity to use a bigger keyboard for some text related applications. I tried the keyboard out on the smaller vertical version, which left me slightly in doubt of it, as I had to press a couple of times to get the 'b' on my screen instead of the 'N'. Apple also paid a lot of attention to detail, touching the screen and sliding your picture makes it bounce slightly, typing characters makes it flash out to a bigger version, closing the camerafunction gives a soft image of a closing 'camera eye', the box it comes in is typically Apple, perfect. It's all slick and smooth and my little get to gether with the iPhone convinced me even more that whenever it comes out in Europe I should get one.. someday.

And then of course... the next is plain torture:

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