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Fiddling with my blog template

Monday, July 02, 2007

Currently fiddling with my blogger template. Wish I had access to Skitch already, so I could easily show my old template/layout of my blog. Guess I have to do it different then and actually upload it the old way.

Quite the hassle to find a picture perfect template which you don't have to tweak too much. Unfortunately lost all of my links as I had to convert to the classic template style in Blogger, so had to take some detours and backtracking to get those back, even if I had made a backup of the template beforehand... silly widgets placed my links somewhere else than the sourcecode, unless I haven't looked well enough. Haven't used the sidebars in the last two years that much so I might as well just change things in the xml/html code instead of actually using those 'handy' widgets. Still happy with labels though, so keep up the good work Blogger.

Anyways, what do you think of this new template? (kudos to caljrimmer and bloggertemplates) Not very web 2.0 like, but I might keep this until I find something better. And yes there is this issue with old posts having tiny little font you can barely read. My font screwed up somehow (as you can read here, oh searching for that blogpost I notice now that anonymous gave a tip about changing fonts, should have a look at that.
Also want to change the (content of the) navigation bar somewhat, but I'll have a look at how to tweak that later.

Old layout:

Quite pinkish my old one, thought to have a go with something more neutral but also elegant now.


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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 6/7/07 07:49 |  

    i cant be able to put the template (Artica) code in my blog
    its showing a eror
    could u pls mail me.....
    the exact code of this template....i will edit it....


  2. Anonymous bee | 8/7/07 12:56 |  

    yes, like the fresh new look!!! buuuuuut...where's the pic? i loved that cartoon :-)

  3. Blogger Z. | 9/7/07 01:08 |  

    Yesh like it myself! although I see that the width and youtube movies don't really match yet... *sighs*
    And the cartoon hm well yeah, figured it looked a bit childish ;) and it was there for over two years or so!

  4. Blogger Minh | 10/7/07 18:19 |  

    How about widening the main table's the width?

    Not only do YouTube flicks overlap the flickr thumbnails, but in Internet Explorer (yeah blow me... please :P ) all content is nudged downwards quite a bit.

    Other than that... Nice improvement. I also miss the old cartoon. Gave it more personality. Your blog looks so out-of-the-box now...

  5. Blogger Z. | 11/7/07 01:29 |  

    *blows Minh away*
    IE? What bugger still uses that? :p

    I've tried widening the width, but it messes up the whole layout (in firefox and Safari), so if you have a different solution on how to fix the width issue, let me hear it :)

    I like out of the box Minh, saves some time ;), took me a while to get it working on Blogger, but like I said, maybe I find something more to my liking soonish, if not, then this is how it will be for a while. I will see what to do about that profile pic.

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