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Saturday, March 24, 2007

If you like your music to play in the background but don't want to go through the trouble to sort all your music out and give it proper names and categorizations... Pandora is such a useful tool or program. The idea is not new but I think they worked it out well. Just type in an artist or song you like and the program will scan through a long range of music, analyzes it and in turn it will come up with similar music, things you probably will like. I tried it out with a few artists and I've found a lot of music I never heard before but really enjoy listening to. Worth a try! The beauty is that it's all online, so no need to install anything, just log in with your email address and dive into a world of music. Wonderful!

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  1. Anonymous b | 25/3/07 12:23 |  

    Meh forget Pandora, Last.fm is tha shizzle :-P It's more community based so actual people recommend the music you might like based on what you're already listening to, instead of a bunch of algorithmic calculations...Much better for an eclectic music lover like yours truly

    just my 2p :-)


  2. Blogger Z. | 25/3/07 13:49 |  

    Thanks for the 2p B!
    Thing is... I like to listen to my music online without the need for downloading something to my computer, or the need for playing something already on my computer. Pandora gives me that opportunity, I can listen to more than 30 seconds of a song. Or haven't I seen the right options yet?
    Of course people recommending songs can be better than something based on algorithm, but so far the algorithm have done a good job.

    Unless if you talk about Rasputina, Petula Clark comes up. But hey, even programs can make mistakes. And of course you can always push the 'don't like it'button.

    But... i did a small search and you know what's even better? A Pandora/ lastFM mash up! Hurray!
    Check out: http://pandorafm.real-ity.com

    Oh and seems to me you're a fan of Last FM, why not work there? You've got all the goods!:

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