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Wii Play Time

Monday, November 06, 2006

Wiiiii! I'm going to play the Wii 14 November. Can't wait! Although ever since some game called World of Warcraft Beta had nestled itself on my desktop, I hardly touch my game consoles these days, I really look forward to this launch. My gameshop is planning on doing it big, with a whole lot of media attention and such and in the middle of the night of course.

I wonder how big the actual controller is and what it feels like to play more or less in an intuitive way. Yesterday I let the 3 year old girl from my neighbours play with a copy of Katamari Damacy on the Playstation 2. I am always amazed of what little kids can do and understand of a game. Now she didn't know how to use a controller (although I gave her for her birthday a Dora the Explorer controller which you can connect to the tv directly), but she did seem to graps the fact that when the prince moved to the upper right corner on the screen, disappeared and when the next screen came up that she had to look at the left upper corner. Something that looks quite simple, but how would a three year old know that?

About the controls being intuitive...When I told her to move the prince upwards, she tried doing that by moving the left thumb stick around and around... and by moving her hand and whole body upwards, sometimes even pointing with her finger to the TV. Now how about a Wii Controller? Would love to see those kind of things implemented in game play.

I just read the Edge from last month with which they sent a Wii guide. The introduction page just reminded me again how wonderful Nintendo is. Who would think of getting rid of Boothbabes or tech guys to demo their new hardware and instead use people 'from the street', regular folks who never before touched a game controller, to show their hardware to the press and hardcore gamers? Who better to showcase than the targeted audience? I'm impressed. I think I just remembered I need to get my parents a Wii.

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