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A girl working in a videogameshop

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's almost like they interviewed me, I share most of the girl's perspectives, it made me chuckle. I am glad I am not the only one having some of these opinions.

"You always get those guys who just wouldn't think that you know anything, so they'd just be like, 'Oh, can I talk to the assistant manager, can I talk to that guy over there instead of you?' And then they'd be confused when you, you know, actually knew something.
Confessions of a Gamestop Girl

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  1. Blogger Minh Nguyen | 30/9/07 00:54 |  

    Decent interview, terrible write-up.

    I think girl gamers give us way too little credit. If I, the average gaming schmoe, can accept girls as equal gamers, surely there must be a whole lot more of us.

    My believe is that this isn't any different from other male-female rivalries in our daily lives, like in sports, school and in the office. Some aspects of it are generally more regarded as acceptable for women, like tennis, literature and RPGs. But others will always stay out of the "stereotype" field, like football, programming and racing games. It's only natural to see a member of a certain demographic break this mold.

    We all need to wise up and accept the way things are. All you can do for now is wait till the non-believers die out.

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